Croom Civic Centre Parent and Toddler Group

10:30-11:30 Croom Civic Centre 8euro pay as you go drop in class.

Ballet, Nursery Rhymes, Scarf Play, and coffee for adults.

Come late leave when you need.   Relaxed but participation hoped for by adults.  Running around and not listened to by toddlers to be expected.

Have fun.  HAVE A COFFEE.  Make friends.

Free Parking, Coffee included, good clean changing facilities, Next to Cafe, Park and playground.


spring term 2018


Our term finishes March 24th.

No class St. Patricks Day Saturday March 17th and Bank Holiday Monday March 19th

Classes are:


Friday Grade 2-4  ballet 4-5:15pm
Saturday Primary Ballet & Modern Theatre Dance 1:30-2:15pm for  3-6 yrs Tuesday Grade 1 Ballet 4-5:15pm                                                                                                 Tuesday Grade 4-6 Ballet 5:15-6pm


Mondays 3:15-4 Standard 1 Ballet                                                                                                                     4-5 Grade 2 and Bronze Medal

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