We’re about the performing arts, about creative expression, about offering the community the joy and lifetime benefits that dance, drama, music, movement and theatre bring to everyone—to active participants or enthusiastic spectators alike.

We’re about providing a studio space filled with positive and encouraging energy, where students of any age and ability learn confidence, poise and physical control of their body through the classes and workshops of Yellow Door Expressive Arts.Spinning Plates at Yellow Door

We’re about bringing together artists, dancers and musicians through Yellow Door Productions to create, to choreograph, to direct, to produce and to perform stage, street, school and concert productions, spectacles, events and extravaganzas of every size and shape imaginable—and to challenge imaginations to stretch just a bit beyond expectations.

Elaine Enright: the Force Behind Yellow Door

Elaine Enright teaches most of the Expressive Arts classes, including ballet, drama, voice, modern theatre dance, cello and piano, and is continuously organising and looking for other teachers and performing artists to round out the Yellow Door offering to the community.

Elaine sings, acts, dances and plays the cello. She has costumed, produced, directed, written, choreographed, workshopped and taught dance as part of the physical education curriculum in primary schools. As a performer and stage manager, Elaine has worked on events with Arcana, Macteo & Macnas.

Elaine was the “Early Stages” coach for drama, dance and singing for Stagecoach Galway from 2007 to 2009, before founding Yellow Door Productions and Yellow Door Expressive Arts.

Positive Feedback…

Parents of the children who attend our classes and workshops say that Elaine knows what she’s doing. We have seen children develop and strengthen their confidence and group skills while developing their dancing, acting and singing abilities. Ask any of the children and they’ll probably just say they have a lot of fun!

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