Croom Civic Centre Parent and Toddler Group

10:30-11:30 Croom Civic Centre 8euro pay as you go drop in class.

Ballet, Nursery Rhymes, Scarf Play, and coffee for adults.

Come late leave when you need.   Relaxed but participation hoped for by adults.  Running around and not listened to by toddlers to be expected.

Have fun.  HAVE A COFFEE.  Make friends.

Free Parking, Coffee included, good clean changing facilities, Next to Cafe, Park and playground.


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  1. Hi there, my little girl is 16 months and flying around the place. Just wondering what day of the week this runs, and if it’s still going? We’d be driving from Murroe so I just want to make sure!


  2. Hello, your group sounds lovely and comes highly recommended! Id love to bring my daughter, Aoife, who is 2 and a half. Is your group on in the summer? If not id love to book a place for September?
    Many thanks,

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