Classes at Yellow Door Studio

Wholesome, world-class, personal. A few words that describe the classes on offer at Yellow Door—and it’s ever-expanding to meet the needs of the community where our Tuition is focused on the individual needs of students within the class setting and their journey through dance and theatre.

Elaine has invested a lot of time and energy in her dance and teaching skills…she is trained in dance education and has her Diploma in Dance Education with the ISTD ( She regularly attends CPD events in London and the UK in Cecchetti Classical Ballet and Modern Theatre Dance.  In Summer 2018 attending Elmhurst in the UK on a scholarship for teaching from The Cecchetti   Society of Dance.



Ballet Classes are taught by an ISTD trained teacher classes include those for the once a weeker but from Grade 3 up students are expected to attend twice a week prior to examinations with the Cecchetti Dance Society through the ISTD. We also have an adult ballet class available suitable for beginners or those with experience.


Parent and toddler groups ages 2-4 years with parents present ( Croom Civic Centre ) come in bare feet or grippy socks, leggings and a dress or t-shirt. FUN INCLUDED!

  • Primary ages 4+ ballet shoes and ballet uniform
  • Junior Ballet (ages 6 +)  – uniform ballet tights, baby pink leotard and skirt and ballet slippers
  • Grade 2 (ages 8+)  – uniform ballet tights, pink leotard and skirt and ballet slippers
  • Grade 3/4/5 Ballet Class   – uniform ballet tights ruby leotard and skirt, ballet slippers

Modern Dance

Modern dance is lively, fun and diverse but at the same time excellent training for the body and mind both musically and physically. It is a very balanced training and creates a strong performer for boys and girls.  Exams are available with the ISTD.  Competitions are available for experienced students. These are great for creating a well rounded performer and building team and confidence in boys and girls.  It is used extensively in musicals and music videos is often referred to as ‘Show’ or ‘Commercial’ dancing.  Uniform-leggings/track-suit pants, t-shirt or leotard bare feet or jazz shoes.

  • Junior Modern
  • Senior Modern



  • mime
  • Music skills
  • Circus skills, games…
  • stage skills
  • performance



  • Piano – beginner one on one lessons
  • Cello: beginners we have a cello for rental
  • Guitar: beginners
  • Ukelele – for fun
  • Voice -singing for pleasure

For more information on any of these classes, or to sign up for a class, ring us on 085 154 4664, email